Design of Premium Connections

Our team has extensive experience in Premium Connections design and testing for the Oil & Gas industry. We are qualified to provide consultancy and technical support in Design, Evaluation and Testing.

  • Preliminary, Conceptual and Final design of OCTG Premium Connection.
  • Design Verification, Optimization and Analysis.
  • Connections’ FEA evaluations over ISO 13679 / API 5C5 load sequence.
  • Structural and metal-to-metal seal assessment.
  • Fatigue analysis: Stress Concentration Factor.
  • Manufacturing:Pipe Swaging assessment with Finite Element Evaluation.
  • Development and Evaluation of dope-free Connections.

Full Scale / Small Scale Testing

  • ISO 13679, API 5C5 and ad hoc test procedures.
  • Resonant Fatigue testing.
  • Tribological evaluations.

All These activities are covered and fully managed within
RATIO Engineering