Our team has extensive experience in the design and calculations by means of finite element analysis of mechanical components and structures. In RATIO Engineering we optimize and validate every step of the design process through numerical models to ensure quality, performance and safety. Our activities involve the application of industrial standards for stress analysis.
Our experience involves:

  • Linear analysis and geometry non-linear analysis (large deformations), material non-linear analysis (creep, plasticity, hyperplastic) and contact non-linear analysis (friction, solidto-solid).
  • Explicit Analysis for impact models and systems subjected to big deformations. Quasistatic analysis.
  • Dynamic and modal analysis (normal modes and natural resonant frequency) among others.
  • Seismic analysis: Equivalent force method and response spectrum method.
  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics analysis.
  • Linear buckling and Post-buckling analysis (incremental plastic collapse).
  • Heat transfer analysis.
  • Thermal stress analysis for stationary and cyclic states.
  • CFD Analysis including heat transfer for internal and external fluxes.

All These activities are covered and fully managed within RATIO Engineering